About the Course

Currently, we live in this world where we need at least 3 types of Developers, possibly 4.

  • FE Developer – HTML/CSS/JS/React
  • BE Developer – Backend Language of Choice
  • iOS Developer – Objective-C/Swift
  • Android Developer – Java

If I was creating a new product, I would need to hire all 4 of these Developers to even build my application. A lot of startups fail because they try to cut corners and hire cheap inexperienced developers or learn all 4 of those areas by themselves.

What if we could squash all 4 of those roles into one role? One person? JavaScript allows us to do that by learning React, Node and React Native.

This course will focus on taking your existing React and JavaScript experience and applying that to learning React Native so we can build both iOS and Android applications from one codebase.

I’ll be here to talk you through it and give you code challenges at every step so we reinforce our learning. Go check out my course Time Management & Learning How You Learn to find both the time of day you should be learning React Native and how you prefer to learn.

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