Are You a Night Owl?

I know, I’ll just stay up late. I’m a Night Owl!

No, you’re not. It’s a lot rare than you think in humans. Sure there those of us that work the Night Shift, I did that in my teen years and loved it. Everything was so quiet, slowed down. I could really focus on what I needed to get done without interruptions.

That’s why we’re attracted to working late as Developers. No Interruptions, no emails, phone calls, slack messages, meetings, etc. Back in the day, I used to take work meetings all day long and then do my coding at night. I told my supervisor that 11pm-1am was when I was “In the Zone”. Sometimes I referred to it as “Being Plugged into the Matrix”.

The self-help world has a better name for this, it’s called Flow State, and we’ll talk about it more in detail in the coming lessons. But it turns out Night Owls aren’t really a thing for humans, and they aren’t for Owls either.

Think about it this way, does an Owl hunt all day and then hunt again at night? There are exceptions of course, but Owls generally sleep all day and then hunt at night. So why do we equate a human who works a day job and then does all of their Creative work at night to an Owl?

There’s gotta be a better way…

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