Time Blocking

3 Hours a Day…Every Day…Every Day

It’s been said that to properly accomplish your creative goals, you should devote 3 hours every day to working on those goals. This is especially true for those of us going to school for a second career.

Often times we split those 3 hours up. 1 hour in the morning, before work, 1 hour at work during our lunch break, and 1 hour at the end of the day, when we are exhausted.

But your brain doesn’t work like this. Studies have shown that the Human Brain takes up to 20 minutes to fully switch context. That means switching from Not-Coding to Coding. Let’s do some simple subtraction here, that means each hour is only netting you 40 minutes of productivity. That only adds up to 2 hours of total productivity for the day.

But what if we could take those 3 hours, not invent any more time in the day, but just squash them together. One block of time, every day, 3 hours to focus on your creative outlets and learning.

This is where Flow State becomes active. After just 1 hour of focused activity, your brain starts to work faster and forget less. You feel invisible, “In the Zone”, and you start working at almost double speed. This means those 3 hours can produce almost 5 hours of creativity and learning.

Now. I want to talk about Daily Processes real quick. This is where I must plug a book that radically changed my life.

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life by [Adams, Scott]
From the Creator of Dilbert – Goals are for Losers

The main idea I took from this book is to stop setting goals. I have been wanting to launch KyJax for over a year. I got the Business License in March of 2018. Now, here I am in August of 2019 writing this. Why did it take so long? Because I kept setting goals. I kept telling myself I’m going to put together a course a day. A course a week. A course a month. It never happened. I was constantly disappointed in myself for not hitting my goals.

That’s when Scott’s main point set in. It’s not about goals anymore. It’s about a repeatable daily process. Want to lose 20lbs by Summer? Every day you haven’t lost 20lbs you are a failure. If you don’t hit the mark, you are a failure. Instead, focus on healthy repeatable habits. Stop eating at 8 pm, don’t eat until 12 pm. Replace all drinks with water. The weight will come off, and you will be healthier. Goals will happen.

Make Time Blocking your first Daily Habit. Next up we are going to learn the Daily Habit that will change your life and career…

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