Your Gas Tank

Welcome to Time Management and Learning How You Learn

Through this course, we want to break down old ways of thinking and present you with new ways of thinking.

Starting out, let’s introduce our first concept, the concept of a Creative Gas Tank. The idea is that when you wake-up in the morning, you start the day with a full Creative Gas Tank. Every single decision you make no matter how big or how small depletes from that tank.

Start eliminating minor decisions like:
• When to wake up? Same time every day
• What to wear? Steve Jobs handled this by wearing the same thing every day
• How to get to work? GPS handles this for us
• What should I eat? I’ve wasted plenty of hours in the office planning with co-workers on where we are getting lunch that day. Meal Planning keeps you under budget, away from tempting junk food and one less decision to make

The more you can eliminate these decisions from your life, the more energy you have for the decisions that matter. By the end of the day, however, you are typically driving home from work when you start to think of all the things you want to accomplish when you get home.

“Tonight’s the night I start my Blog! (book, article, youtube channel, freelance project, job search, online bootcamp, etc.)”

You might think, “Oh yeah, this is my 2nd wind”. It’s not though, this is your Creative Gas Tank, running on fumes. For me, by the time my commute is over and I walk in the door, All that energy is gone. I see my couch, dinner, my wife, my kids…I don’t want to do anything but veg out. Maybe I play with my kids, maybe I watch a movie, hangout. Hours go by, and I can’t even enjoy myself. I feel guilty. What happened to that list of creative things I was going to do?

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